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The History of Roman Fashion

The history of Roman fashion is an article that covers the different styles and trends throughout Roman history. It opens with a brief introduction about what it meant to be a ‘Roman.’ Next, it discusses Caesar’s time, through Augustus and Nero. Lastly, the article wraps up with some final thoughts from the author.

What is Roman Fashion?

Roman fashion is the clothing and accessories worn by the people of the Roman Empire. It was designed to be comfortable and practical, and was based on Greek and Egyptian styles. The main types of clothing were tunics, cloaks, hats, belts, and sandals. Clothing was also decorated with geometric patterns, figures, and animals.

Roman Fashion

History of Roman Fashion

Fashion in the Roman world was quite different from what we see today. Back then, people typically wore whatever they could find to cover their body. In fact, there is evidence that women even went so far as to wear animal skins as clothing! However, by the first century AD, things were starting to change. The first major fashion trend in Roman culture was the toga. This garment was originally made from wool or linen and was wrapped around the body like a towel. Eventually, the toga became associated with power and authority, and it became a symbol of excellence and sophistication. Another popular fashion trend during the Roman era was the tunica. This robe was made from wool or cloth and was often left open in the front. It was often worn by wealthy people, as it helped keep them warm during cold weather. Despite these popular trends, women generally wore very little clothing back then. In fact, some historians argue that women didn’t start wearing bras until the Middle Ages! However, despite this lack of coverage, Romans were still considered quite fashionable. For example, they loved wearing jewellery and bright colours.

Era and Fashion Trends

The Romans were some of the most fashionable people in the world. Fashion was not just for the wealthy and privileged; it was for everyone! The Romans adopted many foreign fashion trends and adapted them to their own style. They loved wearing colorful, flowing clothes, especially during festivals and ceremonies. They also popularized different hairstyles, including the pouf and topknot. Overall, the Roman fashion trend was sophisticated and elegant.

Roman Wedding Costume

The ancient Romans were renowned for their fashion sense, and their wedding costumes reflected this. At the beginning of their empire, most marriage ceremonies were conducted in private, so as not to scandalize the public. Consequently, the traditional Roman wedding dress was a very intimate affair. The bride would wear a long dress or tunic, often white or light colored, and the groom would wear a toga. After the ceremony, they would retire to their respective chambers to change into more festive attire. As Rome became more powerful, it began to celebrate its triumphs in public. This necessitated more extravagant costumes for the winners of games and tournaments, and so wedding costume evolved to reflect this new trend. The bride now wore a crown or wreath of flowers and vines, indicative of her status as queen or sovereign. The groom donned a helmet with a broad brimmed shield and carried a spear. These ceremonial costumes were still worn at private weddings, but they now served as an indicator of social rank as well. As Rome expanded its territory and became more militaristic, wedding costumes became more elaborate still. Soldiers wore breastplates and helmets decorated with feathers, while their wives and girlfriends dressed in elegant gowns adorned with jewels, pearls and other exotic fine materials. The Roman Empire was founded on the idea of conquering all the world and bringing peace to people. By the time Rome had reached its peak, it controlled a vast territory in Europe, North Africa and Asia Minor. This territory was able to sustain a vast population numbering in the millions, which supported an enormous army of legionaries and auxiliary soldiers who worked as administrators and governors.

Ancient Rome’s Clothing

Ancient Romans were some of the first people to develop and wear clothing. Although their style varied somewhat from one region to another, overall their clothing was quite practical. Their main concern was warmth in the colder months, so they wore clothing that was both thick and light. One of the most popular ancient Roman garments was the toga. The toga was a long, close-fitting dress made of wool or linen. It reached to the feet and was tied at the waist with a band. Men usually wore a toga when they were in public, but women could also wear one if they wanted. Another popular Roman garment was the tunica girdle, which was a belt made of cloth or leather that went around the waist. It helped keep clothes in place and made them easier to move around in. Romans also wore tunics over their shirts, which kept them warm in cold weather. Because ancient Romans lived in a hot climate, they often wore loose-fitting clothes that allowed plenty of air to circulate. This is why they liked to wear tunics that came down to their knees and had short sleeves. Although Roman clothing wasn’t as fashion-forward as modern clothing,

The Vestals of the Vestal Virgins

The Vestals were priestesses of Vesta, the goddess of the hearth. They guarded the sacred fire in the temple of Vesta, and provided sacrifices to her. In return for their dedication, Vesta granted the Vestals some unique privileges. The Vestals were allowed to marry, but they could never remarry after being widowed or divorced. Instead, they chose to become virtual slaves to their former husbands or wives for the rest of their lives. The Vestals were also responsible for keeping track of Rome’s social calendar. They organized weddings, funerals and other important events. The Vestal Virgins served as a model for Roman matrons and played an important role in Roman culture.


Roman fashion was incredibly advanced for its time. They had an incredible variety of fashions, from very conservative to more daring styles. This allowed them to mix and match different clothing to create unique looks. They also had a great deal of influence on later fashion trends, so it is important to learn about their history if you want to understand modern fashion.

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