Culture Sea is a blog run by an professional anthropologist, Mr.Sathsara. Having a passion to teach the world about the culture and different incidents in the history in a non-biased and accurate perspective, Sathsara started Culture Sea in 2021.

Since then, he has been publishing the articles, doing research about different situations and incidents in the past. He also like to explore new communities and cultures.

Being a thorough researcher, Sathsara tries to provide you with the most reliable bits of information without being less-accurate at anytime.

With Culture Sea, you can get to know of a range of topics like historical events, different cultures, cultural products and etc. All of these are not just information piled up in to a blog post. They have an argument and something for you to think!

Hope you enjoy the site! Always a pleasure to have you onboard!

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If you have anything to share with us, or if you need your culture to be included here, please do contact us too!


Culture Sea Team