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About us

Culture Sea is a blog about all things culture. It started in 2020 in Sri Lanka and has been growing ever since.

The founders wanted to share the cultural experiences of people around the globe with the world. Culture Sea believes that culture is the most important thing for the future of humanity. They believe that it is an obligation for people to learn about other cultures, share their own culture, and learn from each other.

This blog covers topics such as entertainment, where we talk about various forms of entertainment that different cultures have, fashion, where we talk about fashion trends and tendencies around the cultural world, Histories of various cultures and countries, about cultures themselves, relationships, where we talk about everything from mother’s love to husband-wife relationships and also, scenery which is basically about different places you can visit around the world.

Culture Sea Blog is a blog that aims to break down the barriers of culture, race, and gender. In the pathway of this goal, we plan to produce informative content, videos, and meetups with our readers around the world. After starting in 2020, Culture Sea is now responsible for providing cultural knowledge to a wide base o active readers from all over the globe trying to learn more about cultures and their impacts on human lifestyle.

The Culture Sea Blog is a platform for all of your thoughts about the world, from global affairs to amazing people and exciting travels. There is a place for everyone to share their ideas and experiences that are relevant to the blog’s topic.