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10 Ways in Which Culture Can Change Your Life


                             Everyone has their own definition for the word “Culture”. Each and every part of the world has a certain culture to which people are accustomed. To put it simply, culture can be defined as ideas, arts, music, beliefs, cuisines, etc. which are followed by people.

What Is Culture?

                                Culture is something which has played a very crucial role in everyone’s life and in their upbringing. But we all know that every culture has been evolved to something new, where some changes were necessary whereas some changes happened due to external factors as time passed.

We can say that cultures are the ways of doing things or the ways of thinking, believing in ideas, speaking the same languages, eating food resembling similarities, which all were developed or followed by people or groups of people.

Cultural Diversity in The World:

                                Culture can be diversified on the basis of family, region, environment, laws, language, gender, age, and ethnicity. Different regions of the world represent different cultures. Western culture is something Asian countries are quite intrigued by. The main reason behind this is that western culture is very different compared to Asian culture.

 As the world started participating in Globalization, the propagation of different and peculiar cultures began. Propagation of culture is something we hardly talk about, as we think that we have inherited culture from daily practices only. This is only half true. What we don’t realize is that culture has roots deep within our life. It has played a major part in our way of thinking and doing things.

Our cultures have adopted many new things and ideas since ancient times.

A very good example of positive cultural change can be Globalization. As we all know that in ancient times, most of the countries were very exclusive and they did not like to socialize with other neighboring countries or states, which led to many misunderstandings.

                        Cultural diversity is one of the main reasons to remove the stereotypes relating to other languages. Understanding other’s cultures have also led to many great inventions such as Reggae Music. Reggae Music started propagating to different parts of the world only after the year 1970s. Reggae Music belonged to the Jamaican People. But as people started traveling to different parts of the world, many great cultural inventions were discovered.

Many great inventions are still not discovered due to some of the isolated cultures. Sentinelese are one of the most mysterious tribes whose culture is not yet to be known by the rest of the world.

10 Ways in Which Culture Can Change Your Life

How culture matters to me personally?

                   To me, cultures are ways of doing things. As I have already mentioned above, cultures are acquired through daily practices, through our education, and also from our parents. Culture has brought people together, from celebrating festivals together to paying our last respect to the people.

                        For me, Culture has brought a sense of belonging to many people. As the world is revolutionizing day by day, cultures are also adopting new ways to unite people. In my life, cultures have always made me more curious to try new things such as trying different food, different language, different clothes.

                                I have always liked celebrating all the festivals. I have realized that some festivals are celebrated very differently in different parts of the world only because of the difference in culture. It doesn’t mean that one way of celebrating Christmas is inferior to other ways of celebrating the same. Each and every culture has its own importance and ways of celebrating.

10 ways in which culture can change our life:

  • Give us a vast variety of knowledge which will lead to many new inventions that are still not known to us.
  • Help us in improving our medical knowledge which will lead to a good and healthy life
  • Make our life more meaningful by removing all the stereotypes which leads to misunderstanding others
  • Help us to explore many new ways of life
  • Remove the stereotypes regarding ideas and gender
  • Enrich our life with positivity which will lead to contemplating things
  • Give us reason to celebrate even the smallest achievements of our life
  • Improve our economy
  • Improve our tolerance which will higher our quality of life
  • Increase the opportunity for fulfilling our dreams by increasing the scope of our knowledge.


                   Culture is a blessing to all of us. It is a self-sustaining cycle just as life is. Each and everyone has a culture that we have adopted or inherited through various different means and methods.

We cannot say if culture is very ancient because as time has passed, culture has also adapted to our environments. Nowadays we don’t consciously participate in cultural events but deep down, each and every action is derived from our culture.

Culture has also played a very important role in many great discoveries and inventions. It has also increased human tolerance is us. Culture has improved our sense of understanding things.

Culture has brought together many people. It also gave a sense of belonging to many. It has enriched our life with positivity and also gave us knowledge regarding ourselves. Culture has also brought awareness and removed stereotypes which led to misunderstanding. As long as humans have the capacity to do things, culture will always be there. It will always bring people with the same ideas and beliefs together.

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